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Fixed Arm Awning

Available sizes:
150 x 210cm- F/L 1261140, PC 638365
180 x 210cm- F/L 1261141, PC 638366
210 x 210cm- F/L 1261141, PC 638367
210 x 210cm- F/L 1261142, PC 638367
240 x 210cm- F/L 1261143, PC 638368

Fixed Arm Awning


Retractable Fixed Arm Awnings are made from fabric which blocks 90% of light and 99% of UV rays to assist in cooling your home, increasing energy efficiency and protecting your interior furnishings from sun fade.

  • Reduces heat loss/gain by insulating windows
  • Manufactured using sustainable resources
  • Ideal for hot and sunny outdoor areas
  • Fittings included

Available sizes:
150 x 210cm
180 x 210cm
210 x 210cm
210 x 210cm
240 x 210cm

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