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Glamour Roller Blind Mist Glamour Roller Blind Mist Glamour Roller Blind Mist Glamour Roller Blind Mist

Available sizes:
60 x 210cm- F/L 126133, PC 638258
90 x 210cm- F/L 1261335, PC 638259
120 x 210cm- F/L 1261337, PC 638260
150 x 210cm- F/L 1261339, PC 638261
180 x 210cm- F/L 1261341, PC 638262
210 x 210cm- F/L 1261343, PC 638263

Glamour Roller Blind Mist


For a good night sleep; this blind allows for no direct light to pass through. With a metal bottom rail and designer, textured fabric, the Glamour Roller Blind is a great addition to your home for those looking for that extra bit of privacy.

Glamour Blockout Roller Blinds come with easy to install high quality brackets, and child safe tension devices.

Able to be cut-to-size and available in a variety of colours, Glamour Blockout Roller Blinds will suit most styles and spaces.

  • Easy to install brackets and high quality mechanisms for effortless operation
  • Elegantly finished with satin bottom rail which can be set at any height
  • Child safe tension device included to secure ball chain to wall/architrave
  • Cut to size service available
  • Available in colours: Snow, Beach, Mist, Wetland, Black and Earth

Available sizes:
60 x 210cm
90 x 210cm
120 x 210cm
150 x 210cm
180 x 210cm
210 x 210cm

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