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Matchstick Woven Roman Blind Matchstick Woven Roman Blind Matchstick Woven Roman Blind

Available sizes:
60 x 210cm- F/L 1260957, PC 639901
90 x 210cm- F/L 1260959, PC 97461
120 x 210cm- F/L 1260961, PC 97462
150 x 210cm- F/L 1260962, PC  97463
180 x 210cm- F/L 1260965, PC 97464
210 x 210cm- F/L 1260967, PC 638178

Matchstick Woven Roman Blind


Bali Room Darkening Bamboo Roman Blinds are made from sustainable bamboo and specially stained to add a touch of warmth, complementing furniture & floors.

Ideal for both modern and period homes, these Bamboo Blinds fold up when raised, Roman style, and can be set to any height, giving you control over both light and privacy.

  • Stylish valance conceals brackets and cord locking mechanisms
  • Elegant roman style gathering can be set at any height
  • Includes cord cleat to secure and neaten excess blind cord
  • Fittings included
  • Available in two colours: Teak and Black

Available sizes:
60 x 210cm
90 x 210cm
120 x 210cm
150 x 210cm
180 x 210cm
210 x 210cm

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