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10m White Plastic Roller Blind Chain Replacement Kit


  • 1 Chain per pack
  • Joiners and tensioners included
  • Plastic, supports light weight blinds
  • Child safety devices included

Bunnings I/N: 0119818

SHP Code: BC10P

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A replacement roller blind chain is a necessary component when your current blind chain is broken, missing, or damaged. The chain operates the roller blind, allowing you to open and close it with ease. It is important to choose the right size and length of chain for your particular roller blind, as they come in various sizes and lengths to accommodate different types of blinds.

Installing a replacement roller blind chain is typically a straightforward process that can be done with basic tools. Simply remove the old chain, attach the new chain to the roller blind mechanism, and secure it in place. It is important to test the blind to ensure that it is operating smoothly and safely after the replacement chain is installed.