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<b>Bistro Blind</b>

UV Rating: 90%
Colour: Charcoal with Black Trim
Product Dimensions:
90 x 240cm – F/L 1280102, PC BI924CH
120 x 240cm – F/L 1280135, PC BI1224CH
150 x 240cm – F/L 1287815, PC BI1524CH
180 x 240cm – F/L 1287823, PC BI1824CH
210 x 240cm – F/L 1287831, PC BI2124CH
240 x 240cm – F/L 1287849, PC BI2424CH
270 x 240cm – F/L 1280136, PC BI2724CH
300 x 240cm – F/L 1280137, PC BI3024CH

Bistro Blind

Black Trim- Charcoal

Enjoy your outdoor views all year round with the Charcoal PVC Black Trim Blind.

Made from durable, heavy duty PVC, this blind provides you with protection from the elements, whilst maintaining airflow and additional insulation to your home.

The Clear PVC Black Trim Blind comes in a variety of colours and sizes, which are sure to enhance any outdoor living area.

Did you know that you can connect your blinds? The Bistro Blinds Zip Joiner allows you to extend and connect your blinds for more enclosure around your outdoor area.

Made from heavy duty 0.75 thickness PVC
Simple DIY installation
Cut to Size available through Special Orders
Base anchor plates, tie- down strap and hardware kit included

- 24 month warranty
- Child Safe
- Simple Installation
- Cut to size available
- Timber fittings included

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