Special Order

Bistro Blinds
100mm Joiner White

  • Easy installation
  • Special order only
  • Joins two bistro blinds exting width by 10cm
  • To suit a standard drops of up to 2400mm

Bunnings I/N: 0172660

SHP Code: BIZJWT2030

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The innovative Bistro Zip-Joiner allows two or more blinds to be joined together creating strong joins over larger openings. This piece is 200mm in total width which adds an additional 100mm to the width of your blinds, and is only to suit blinds that have had a drop alteration of up to 2400mm. Recommed to order via Special orders to have this piece altered to suit the drop of your existing blinds.

Guide – How to use Joiners
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June 28, 2023