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Available sizes:
60 x 210cm- F/L 1260905, PC 38158
90 x 210cm- F/L 1260907, PC 638159
120 x 210cm- F/L 126099, PC 638160
150 x 210cm- F/L 1260911, PC 638161
180 x 210cm- F/L 1260913, PC 638162
210 x 210cm- F/L 1260916, PC 638163


Roman Blind


For a good night sleep; this blind allows for no direct light to pass through. With designer, textured fabric, the Roman Glamour is a great addition to your home for those looking for that extra bit of privacy.


Available sizes:

60 x 210cm
90 x 210cm
120 x 210cm
150 x 210cm
180 x 210cm
210 x 210cm

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