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The Smart Flooring Calculator

Smart Flooring Calculator

How to calculate the square meterage you need.

  1. Split the area you need to cover into easy to work with rectangle areas.
  2. Enter each length and width of your areas into a table like below. (One area per row).
  3. In the last column of each row work out each area:  “area = length x width”.
  4. Add all the areas together in the total row.
  5. Add an extra 10% to the square meterage. This is for cutting waste and mistakes, can be kept as replacements.



Size: 167mm x 2260mm x 12mm

Planks per Pack: 5

Square Meterage per box: 1.885sqm

Bunnings Fineline: 0075887

Smart Home Product code: LFME12HG


Mountain Eucalyptus 12mm Laminate

High Gloss Longboard

Special Orders

Are you after that real timber feel without the price tag? Then the Mountain Eucalyptus 12mm Laminate is the perfect flooring solution for you!
With embossed surface giving that extra element of real timber feeling, resulting in that traditional floorboard look.

The Mountain Eucalyptus 12mm Laminate is an easy DIY install. It requires no sealants, no adhesives and even comes with V grooves to complete the floorboard feel. With the easy drop, lock and click system for floating installation, you will be surprised at how easy it is to install!

It has a AC4 heavy wear layer, light commercial and heavy residential grading. Smart Flooring resist stains, scratches, cigarette burns, pressure and UV damage. Therefore it is the perfect solution for homes, offices and cafes.

With 32 different patterns and longboard options, Smart Flooring is a class above when it comes to laminate.

How to Install


Mountain Eucalyptus 12mm Laminate warrantyMountain Eucalyptus 12mm Laminate tight lockMountain Eucalyptus 12mm Laminate embossedMountain Eucalyptus 12mm Laminate ac4Mountain Eucalyptus 12mm Laminate diy

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High Gloss
No sealant or adhesives needed
Real timber feel (embossed surface)
Easy DIY installation
Light commercial / heavy residential grading
30-year warranty

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