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Size: 144mm x 2260mm x 12mm

Planks per Pack: 4

Square Meterage per box: 1.30sqm

Bunnings Fineline: 0115528

Smart Home Product code: LFSML12

12 mm Laminate Construction - Santos Mahogany 12mm Laminate

1. DIY Planning Guide and Flooring Calculator
Before starting Installation.

For best end results measure out and develop a plan in the area you wish to install.

  • When measuring, take into account the free gap requirement of 10mm between laminate and walls.
  • Adjust the width of your first row to be installed if the width of your last row will be less than 50mm with no adjustment.
  • Decide and plan your installation direction.
    (For best finished look, we recommended to install the length/long direction of the planks, parallel to your main light direction.)
  • In narrow hallways, install the floor parallel to the hall length.
  • If installing on a floating floor, leave a 10mm gap between walls and fixtures such as pipes and pillars, stairs, etc. (Tip: When installing around pipes, drill the holes 20mm larger than the diameter of the pipes.)

Smart Flooring Calculator

How to calculate the square meterage you need.

  1. Split the area you need to cover into easy to work with rectangle areas.
  2. Enter each length and width of your areas into a table like below. (One area per row).
  3. In the last column of each row work out each area:  “area = length x width”.
  4. Add all the areas together in the total row.
  5. Add an extra 10% to the square meterage. This is for cutting waste and mistakes, can be kept as replacements.

2. DIY Installation Guide - Before you start

Please read all these instructions before you begin installation.
Improper installation will void warranty.

Important notice

All wood based products react to moisture in the environment, resulting in plank expansion or plank contraction.

Therefore, prior to the installation of the floor:

  • All sources of under floor moisture must be rectified.
  • Any construction dampness must be completely dry.

Santos Mahogany 12mm Laminate is not waterproof, for that reason excessive wetting is to be avoided and water spillages dried immediately.

Prior to your Santos Mahogany 12mm Laminate being installed, it is also important that you check each plank for any manufacturing defects.
Any faults must be reported back to the store of purchase for an immediate refund or replacement.


Before you purchase Smart Flooring, calculate your room surface and plan an extra 10% of flooring for waste.
Simply use our Planning Guide and Flooring Calculator above.

Also follow our guide to plan your room for the perfect finished result.


After purchase, keep your Laminate boards in room temperature for at least 48 hours in unopened package.
Both before and during installation your room temperature must be between 18° and 25°C.

Do NOT rest packs upright, always lay pack down flat on the ground to avoid damage to the click lock system.

Use expansion joints to divide the floor sections for any floor surfaces exceeding 100m, lengths exceeding 10m, overlaps to new rooms and/or floor surfaces which do not join symmetrically.


Before you begin installation, inspect your subfloor.
It must be:

  • clean
  • dry (max. 2.5% moisture content – CM method)
  • level to 5mm within a 3 meters span.


Repair any loose boards or squeaks before you begin installation of your Laminate.
Santos Mahogany 12mm Laminate is intended to be installed over an existing wooden floor.


A vapour barrier must be installed over concrete substrates.
Also a vapour barrier must be installed if installation is over a wood substrate that is below grade.

A minimum 0.15mm plastic poly sheeting should be used as a moisture barrier.
Underlayment’s thicker than 3mm are not advised.


Relative Humidity Levels of your room should be maintained at 40-65 % at 18-24 °C.


Inspect your Santos Mahogany 12mm Laminate Planks.
No claims on surface defects will be accepted after installation.


It is not recommended to install over any electrical radiant heating system, due to the speed of sudden temperature changes. This has the potential to negatively affect laminate flooring construction.
Installation over electrical radiant heating systems will not be covered by the manufacturer’s warranty.

Installation instructions for radiant heating systems using water.

  • Ensure radiant heat surface temperature never exceeds 27°C.
  • Before you install operate the system at maximum capacity to force any residual moisture from the cementitious topping of the radiant heat system.
  • The maximum moisture content of the screed is 1.5% (CM method).
  • Shut down the floor heating at least 48 hours prior to installation.
  • Make sure that the temperature in the room is at least 15°C during installation.
  • Radiant heat should be applied in a gradual manner after installing the laminate floor.
  • Refer to your radiant heat system’s manufacturer recommendations for additional guidance.
  • Clean the floor regularly with a vacuum cleaner or dry mop.
  • Avoid using water.
  • To protect the floor from sand we recommend you use doormats at entries (not mats with rubber backing).
3. DIY Installation Guide - How to Install


You must install your foam underlay after thoroughly cleaning your subfloor.

  • Run your foam underlay in the same direction as the flooring planks.
  • Your underlay should be butted side-by-side with no overlap.
  • Tape seams together.
  • A 0.15mm poly (plastic sheeting) is to be installed under your foam underlay if you are installing over a concrete subfloor.
    (Many foam underlays already have this plastic sheeting pre-attached)


Begin installation with your first plank in your rooms left-hand corner, keeping a 10mm gap from the left wall.
Use spacers between your wall and the floorboard, to always leave a 10mm expansion gap.

Place your second plank (first row) in place and gently press down the end with a rubber mallet.
Make sure it firmly locks into your previous plank, resulting in both planks the same height and perfectly aligned.

Note: Disassemble by following our easy disassembling instructions at the bottom of this page if you notice both planks are not at the same height or properly locked together. Check if any debris is stuck inside the lock and is obstructing.


Leaving a perimeter/expansion gap of 10mm to the wall at the end of your first row, measure/cut the length of the last plank to fit.

  • Your laminate surface should be turned down when cutting with a jig saw.
  • Your laminate surface should be face up when cutting with a hand saw.


Start your second row with the leftover cutting from your last plank in previous row.
Make sure you use a small plank that measures a minimum 30cm. Otherwise, use another plank that will be cut.


For the second plank in your second row; click the long side into your first row, placing it tight to the short end of your previous plank.
Place your plank and gently press down the end with a rubber mallet so it firmly locks into your previous plank (both planks should be same height, and leaving no gap).

Helpful Hint

When installing each new row, take a full loose plank and use the long side to tap against the prior row to ensure there are no gaps.


When in the same row or comparing one row to the next, always ensure your end joints a staggered at least 30cm.


When installing your last row, first position a loose board exactly aligned on top your last row installed.
Then place another board on top, with the clip tongue side touching your wall.

Mark the first plank by drawing a line following the edge of the top plank.
The last row should be at minimum 50mm wide.

Cut along this line to obtain the required width for your last row.
Insert this cut board against the wall and then the spacers can be removed.


Holes for pipes.
Measure the diameter of the pipe and drill a hole that is 20mm larger.

Door trim and skirting.
Lay a board (with the decorative side down) next to the door trim.
Then slide the floorboard under trim.


Separate the whole row by lifting it delicately at an angle.
To seperate planks, leave them flat on the ground and slide them apart.

Santos Mahogany 12mm Laminate


Special Orders

Are you after that real timber feel without the price tag?
Then our Santos Mahogany 12mm Laminate is the perfect flooring solution for you!

Our Santos Mahogany 12mm Laminate is an easy DIY install.

With stand out features such as:
  • Embossed surface giving that extra element of a traditional real timber feeling.
  • No sealants required!
  • No adhesives!
  • V groove joins, giving you a floorboard feeling underfoot.
  • Super easy Drop lock and Click system for floating installation.
  • 32 different decor patterns.
  • Luxurious Longboard design.
Our Smart flooring 12mm laminate range is hardy too:
  • AC4 heavy wear layer
  • Light commercial and heavy residential grading
  • Stains Resistant
  • Scratch Resistant
  • Cigarette Burn Resistant
  • Pressure Resistant
  • UV Damage Resistant

All of this makes our Santos Mahogany 12mm Laminate the perfect solution for homes, offices and cafes.

How to Install

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Smart Flooring - Santos Mahogany 12mm Laminate


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No sealant or adhesives needed
Real timber feel (embossed surface)
Easy DIY installation
Light commercial / heavy residential grading
30 Year Warranty

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