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Windoware Curtain Range
Curtains can make a room, but only when chosen correctly.

It’s important to make sure you choose the right curtain to suit your space and needs.

You should consider all your options in:
fabric, colours, patterns and custom-made versus off-the-shelf.


What do you want the curtains to do?
Selecting curtains is a lot like selecting clothes. The choice depends not only on what looks good, but also on what their purpose will be.
Curtains can be both aesthetically pleasing and practical.

Knowing what you want from your window treatment will help make deciding on the fabric and style much easier.
Having the same kind of curtains in every room can often leave a lot of creative potential unfulfilled.

It is important to first look at your space and consider the desired end result.


Do you want to reduce the rooms natural light?

In areas of your home such as the bedroom or a cinema room, Room darkening curtains will reduce the outside light. They will also increase your privacy.

100%. Blockout curtains are a perfect fit for bedrooms of young kids who take naps, or for your own bedroom.

If your curtains are for a picture window, you’ll want them to be light and easy to open, so that you can sit back and enjoy the beautiful outside view. Light filtering curtains don’t block the sun, allowing for natural light to fill your living space.
They are perfect for a casual dining area, airy bedroom, or contemporary living room

To create privacy without compromising on your view, consider sheer curtains.
Sheers will allow natural light to bath into a room and providing opulent and luxurious feel.


The average Australian household spends 1750 per year on electricity.

Whilst all curtains are effective regulators of interior heat,

Specially designed thermal curtains are very effective at both retaining heat inside in winter, and keeping it outside in summer.
Heating and cooling will often make a thermal curtain cost-effective if it helps insulate a window that would otherwise create a big drain on your energy bills.


Don’t be afraid to use colour in your curtains.
It’s a great way to add interest and personality to a room, and with so many different styles to choose from, you can go as subtle or bold as you like.

Adding a bright curtain with beautiful drapery is also great way to add a feature piece to any room. Curtains can easily lift a room’s colours and make it feel larger and brighter.

However it’s also important to remember harsh sunlight can fade strong colours over time.
If the room in question gets a lot of light, it’s smart to avoid bright colours, since they tend to fade faster.
Neutral colours, are less likely to fade than other colours and more likely to blend into a room’s decor, providing a luxurious and modern feel.


Decide how high above the window you’d like the curtains to begin.
Hanging panels higher than the window will give a sense of height to the room.

Designers often hang curtains about 15cm above the window frame, but for a dramatic look, some go higher.


Our curtain Rods come in all shapes and sizes.

Strong Metal finishes might work in the dining room or the living room, but may look overdone in a bedroom.
A more private space like the study or the games room might need a wooden rod without too much decoration.

For girls bedrooms on the other hand, you could use a rod that has a little more bling.

Urban Room Darkening Curtains

Triple Weave Fabric

5 Colours Available

Enjoy contemporary premium fabric our Windoware Urban Room darkening curtains.

  • Curtains can be both aesthetically pleasing and practical!
    The triple weave Fabric is a premium fabric that drapes beautifully, is easy to care for and provides up to 90% light reduction to your room.
  • Increase your privacy.
    With thick premium fabric maintain privacy, protect your room from the harsh outside elements, Reduce noise and help save energy costs.
  • Contemporary and modern design.
    With 5 beautiful and modern colours to choose from, find the perfect curtain for you home.
  • Don’t forget curtain rods!
    Our Windoware curtain rods come in all shapes and sizes. Make sure you match your curtain with the perfect curtain rod!

Curtains can make a room, but only when chosen correctly.
It’s important to make sure you choose the right curtain to suit your space and needs.

Available Colours:

  • Urban Navy.
  • Urban Pepper.
  • Urban Linen.
  • Urban Charcoal.
  • Urban Black.

WINDOWARE - Urban Room Darkening Curtains

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