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<b> Water Resistant Spotted Gum</p><p></b> 12mm Laminate <b> Water Resistant Spotted Gum</p><p></b> 12mm Laminate <b> Water Resistant Spotted Gum</p><p></b> 12mm Laminate
The Smart Flooring Calculator

Smart Flooring Calculator

How to calculate the square meterage you need.

  1. Split the area you need to cover into easy to work with rectangle areas.
  2. Enter each length and width of your areas into a table like below. (One area per row).
  3. In the last column of each row work out each area:  “area = length x width”.
  4. Add all the areas together in the total row.
  5. Add an extra 10% to the square meterage. This is for cutting waste and mistakes, can be kept as replacements.


Size: 167mm x 1213mm x 12mm

Planks per Box: 7

Square Meterage per box: 1.42sqm

Bunnings Fineline: 6690434

Smart Home Product code: LFSG12W

Water Resistant Spotted Gum

12mm Laminate

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Smart Flooring Water Resistant Spotted Gum 12mm Laminate is a wood based laminate floor.
Not only does this flooring look and feel like authentic hardwood, but also it protects against water and spills for up to 30 hours!

Water Resistant Spotted Gum 12mm Laminate is suitable for Kitchens, bathrooms and laundries.
Now there is a great looking laminate option for every room in the house!

This laminate is kid and pet friendly with its built-in durability and stain resistance.
Additionally it has a 4-Star heavy wear layer (AC-4), that is easy to maintain. Therefore it can even be wet mopped!


Water Resistant Spotted Gum WarrantyWater Resistant Spotted Gum UnderlayWater Resistant Spotted Gum Wet MopWater Resistant Spotted Gum Wear LayerWater Resistant Spotted Gum Stain ProofWater Resistant Spotted Gum DIY Installation

Living Room

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12mm Water Resistant HDF Laminate
No Transition Mouldings For Most Applications
Easy DIY Drop Lock Installation
Suitable For Heavy Residential And Light Commercial Applications
30 Year Warranty

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